Strawberry poison-dart frog

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Strawberry poison-dart frog

Strawberry poison-dart frog
Strawberry poison-dart frog 

The strawberry poison frog is a species of small poison dart frog found in Central America.  It is commonplace throughout its range, which extends from jap imperative Nicaragua via Costa Rica and northwestern Panama.

Strawberry poison dart frogs use a “wide foraging” feeding method where they stick out their tongues to catch ranging numbers of small prey. They mainly eat smaller insects like ants, which is where they get the alkaline toxins for their poisonous skin. They have also been known to eat mites and other small arthropods.

Strawberry poison-dart frogScientific name: Oophaga pumilio
Class: Amphibia
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Dendrobatidae
Conservation status: Least Concern (Population decreasing)

Phylum: Chordata

The strawberry poison dart frog is slender in comparison to similar species, with the frog’s colorful skin additionally proposing bilateral symmetry. This means the patterns on their pores and skin are symmetrical, but the coloration versions for this species are the most diverse within the complete poison dart frog family. Their pores and skin can range from strawberry red, blue, yellow, white, green, orange to black. Their our bodies are compact, with four un-webbed palms on each hand and foot.

Strawberry poison-dart frog


This species typically is living in rainforest habitats and also in cacao and banana groves. Unlike a few different poison dart frogs, this frog has a tendency to spend maximum of its time at the rainforest ground in leaf litter, however, they often climb bushes and vines.


Strawberry poison dart frogs use a “huge foraging” feeding approach wherein they stick out their tongues to seize ranging numbers of small prey. They specially eat smaller bugs like ants, which is in which they get the alkaline pollutants for their poisonous skin. They have also been recognized to eat mites and different small arthropods.


Strawberry poison-dart frog

With their pretty territorial behavior, males have to establish certain areas so that it will discover a a success partnership with a mate. If different intruding frogs invade a longtime territory, the resident male frog will begin wrestling the invading frog till it has pinned it completely at the ground. Generally, strawberry poison dart frogs will spend most of their power feeding, mating, and looking after their offspring by using protecting their territory.

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