Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2020

Annual dog meat festival in Yulin. But what is it and why has the occasion on this remote a part of southern China proved to be so controversial in latest years?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

What is the Yulin Dog Meat Festival?

The Yulin “Lychee and Dog Meat” competition is an annual 10-day occasion wherein over 10,000 dogs are eaten. Cat meat, fresh lychees, and liquor also are available on the pageant.

When and in which does it take area?

It takes region in Yulin, a city within the Guangxi province of China, and runs from the 21 to 30 June at some point of one in all the hottest weeks of the 12 months.

How did it start?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The first competition took place in 2009 to mark the summer season solstice. Dog eating is conventional in China, and consistent with folklore ingesting the meat at some point in the summer months brings good fortune and appropriate health. Some also consider dog meat can push back sicknesses and heighten men’s sexual performance.

What is the talk surrounding it?

The festival has attracted large negative insurance inside China and internationally. Activists have pronounced that animals are slaughtered inhumanely using golf equipment in public and that hygiene practices at the competition do no longer fall in keeping with Chinese regulations. There also are proceedings that dogs are delivered to Yulin from across China in cramped conditions, and pageant visitors have reported seeing a few animals with collars, indicating they may be stolen pets.

Is it visible otherwise in China?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Eating puppies isn’t always unlawful in China. Around 10 to 20 million are killed for human consumption every yr and although the festival is new the custom may be traced back at least 400 years. But attitudes are changing. Keeping dogs as pets changed into banned throughout the Cultural Revolution, however, dog ownership has grown to be famous amongst China’s developing middle-class; there are actually 62 million registered as pets. Animal activists, celebrities, and more youthful Chinese residents have been more and more vocal on social media approximately opposing canine ingesting fairs and the exercise in general.

Will activists get their wish and see it stopped?

At the moment, this appears unlikely. US activists claimed that there was a ban on the sale of dog meat on the festival but this has proved to be incorrect. Visitors have pronounced much less public slaughters and the removal of signs and symptoms indicating dog meat is for sale. The Yulin Municipal Government has repeatedly stated that it isn’t capable to stop the festival because it claims it does no longer exist as an official event.

The fact about the Yulin canine meat competition – and how to prevent it

Misinformation is rife around China’s maximum notorious occasion – arm your self with the facts, cut via the rumors, and take motion.

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Is it proper China has a canine ingesting pageant?

The truth is there was once a formally organized event in Yulin metropolis called the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival which befell across the summer season solstice.

It was an try to enhance the local economic system around an activity that becomes already taking place. Rightly, the event caused outrage at domestic and overseas and, thanks to the campaigning of agencies along with Animals Asia, the government of Yulin removed the event’s authentic backing in 2014.

Since then, there has not been an official dog meat-eating pageant in Yulin, but neighborhood people do still acquire to devour lychees and canine meat during the summer solstice in a wholly unofficial capacity.

How many dogs are killed in the course of the summer solstice in Yulin?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

At its height, the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival were stated to be responsible for 10,000 to 15,000 slaughtered dogs. In 2014 that parent changed into mentioned as losing to 2,000 to 3,000. Reliable assets in 2016 – whilst the occasion was no longer official – placed it at below 1,000.

But the fact is, nobody definitely knows. Nobody is counting and there may be no legit report of the number of dogs slaughtered so any data are simply estimates which need to be curious about a pinch of salt.

How many dogs are eaten each year in China?

The extensively mentioned – though again tough to verify – the parent is 10 million.

If the numbers we have at hand are in any way correct, then the period of dog meat eating in Yulin city across the summer solstice bills for simply 0.01% of the variety killed annually throughout the country.

Why don’t the authorities prevent this cruelty?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The Chinese government now takes the view that the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival don’t formally exist – and that is technically correct.

As consuming canine meat is not unlawful in China, the authorities say there is no motion for them to take. Again, they’re technically accurate on this stance. How ought to they justify making an action unlawful in one part of the usa for a few days of the yr, however no longer others?

What occurs in Yulin for the duration of the summer season solstice is horrifying, but it is the equal tragedy that occurs everywhere else within the USA all 12 months-round.

So, yes, we must cease the Yulin canine meat festival – but to do this we must also stop dog meat-consuming in China – and that’s a 12 months-spherical campaign. As the trend closer to caring for animal companions within the domestic keeps to grow in China, Animals Asia expects to see increasing possibilities to forestall canine and cat meat eating across u. S.

I heard the pageant become canceled?

Rumors and misinformation are rife around Yulin. What is real is that there may be now not a respectable event, however, the act of dog meat eating continues 12 months-spherical and is heightened during the summertime solstice. 

Is it a good idea to rescue dogs from Yulin?

While any compassionate character completely empathizes with the choice to shop any animal struggling with this degree of cruelty, the truth is most “rescues” from Yulin aren’t attaining their goals.

The canine meat enterprise is one of supply and calls for and if called for increases – whether the animal is slaughtered or saved – the trader will replace their “stock”. This is specifically proper in Yulin in the course of the summertime solstice. This way another canine will probably be stolen — or purchased the usage of the finances earned from the last “sale”. This increased call for simply increases the charge to the benefit of canine thieves and traders.

In 2017, over a hundred Chinese animal charities wrote an open letter asking dog lovers now not to buy puppies as part of dog meat “rescues”. We stand with our Chinese colleagues in this regard.

That stated, if an animal’s lives may be saved using prison channels that don’t in the long run advantage canine thieves and traders, then, of course, this is something we support. If, for example, animal charities can assist the government to intercept illegal transports of puppies – the ones without the desired evidence of foundation and quarantine certificates – then that is paintings that we will stand behind. But the long-term care of the dogs must be factored into this kind of rescues.

Where do the puppies slaughter for meat come from?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Our studies suggest that the concept that these puppies are “farmed” is untrue. The massive majority are stolen companions or strays. Grabbed or poisoned or both and crammed into tiny cages with other puppies – they begin a long journey to a canine meat trader. During this time they don’t have any food or water and diseases unfold quickly. These consist of dog distemper, parvovirus, and, almost certainly, rabies.

How are the dogs slaughtered?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

This is a tough question due to the fact there are no regulations on canine slaughtering. Typically they go through death this is far from efficient. They are snared around the neck with metal hooks and dragged from their cages. Then they may be both bludgeoned or stabbed within the neck or groin to be “bled out”. Other methods of killing including being hanged or electrocuted. This occurs canine by a dog so other dogs are in all likelihood to witness multiple deaths in advance of their own. This further spreads panic.

Is it genuine that puppies are tortured or boiled alive to enhance the taste of the meat?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

It’s no exaggeration to say that what the puppies go through is true “torture”. However, we consider it’s much more likely that this is due to merciless catching, transportation, and slaughter – in place of a deliberate preference to prolong the ache of the dog for gratification, amusement or to enhance the dish in any way.

Inefficient slaughter strategies and the sheer scale of the killing involved manner it’s possible that the cooking of dogs could start before their death.

10/ How common is dog and cat eating in China?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Although we understand that the exercise of eating cat and dog meat has existed for decades in China, mainly in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou province and north Japanese China, the frequency of intake and the quantity fed on is lowering yr by 12 months.

According to our “Survey of public attitudes to dog and cat consuming in China” (released 2015), eating cat and canine meat isn’t always time-honored nationwide. In towns outside the ones listed above, 20% of respondents had eaten dog meat within the past two years, at the same time as within the identical period, 1.7% had eaten cat meat.

Within the cities where canine meat ingesting is more favored (which includes Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou province, and north jap China) nearly half of the respondents had not eaten cats or puppies within the past two years. Among those who had, 1/2 had eaten it best a few times 12 months.

Do people eat puppies or cats due to an absence of food or money?

No, despite among the animals being stolen, the meat is nonetheless no longer cheap. It is eaten for motives of superstition or tonic or, arguably, tradition. If it becomes made illegal tomorrow no person would starve.

If Chinese people don’t want the canine meat exchange – then why don’t they cease it?

Influencing law isn’t always easy, however, there have been sizeable responses that will not have long past unnoticed.

Close to nine million human beings voted online for proposed rules to cease cat and dog meat-eating. Sadly the proposition wasn’t taken forward. Meanwhile – even though canine theft stories are steady in Chinese media – they nonetheless have the electricity to surprise and there’s a developing feeling that the time is upon us for change.

The eating of cat and dog meat being made illegal might be extensively welcomed and might cut crime and cruelty. 

Grassroots NGOs and brave animal fanatics are also responsible for severe canine and cat rescues each year. This represents a massive mission due to the fact rescues start with preventing the truck but the care of the dogs or cats can move on for years afterward.

How can we help?

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Ending Yulin won’t end canine meat-consuming, but ending canine meat-ingesting will end Yulin. The focus now needs to be on the yr-round exchange in dog meat which is rife with abhorrent cruelty and blatant illegality.

Do your research, discover groups that might be operating responsibly on the ground to stop the exchange all yr round, all around the country, and assist them to acquire their goals.

Donate, fundraise, boost awareness, volunteer, be a part of an aid group, sign petitions – do what you may because it all makes a difference.

With your assist, trade is possible.


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